What has happened here lately?

We have continued our investigation of how to use depth cameras. This time we took the challenge to another level. Our geniuses had an attempt at connecting all five depth cameras. Five… How on earth did we think there? Good question, but the one who has not tested weird stuff will not continue to get involved in a fairytale tale! Of course, our evolving talents want to overcome the latest obstacles and challenges in the project’s technological development, and walk the narrow path that is this enchanted story, but this time unfortunately it did not go all the way.  The five cameras did not log the picture, and one of the cameras delivered only a still image. We suspect this is because there is too much data being sent, which exceeds the capacity of USB 2.1.

Worth noting is also that we tripped and fixed for about half a day, and since then we’ve had another half-day where we met our sister studio: RISE Interactive Umeå, to discuss the project. RISE Interactive Umeå have done and are doing a lot of projects that are of interest to us in Tacit knowhow and we hope that we can join forces in this project in the future.

In our video blog you can see that we are working on creating a 3D printed jig for the camera and the tracker. The jig is intended to facilitate the tracing of the camera’s position. At present, no final version has been produced, which means we continue to iterate on the prototype. This wasn’t a story of happily ever after and our story simply continues…

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