Bodyghost VR for free

This project have been financed by Konstnärsnämnden, The The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Kulturbryggan. The ambition was to find a new format to exhibit bodily movements such as craft, dance or martial arts. This particular grant was directed towards people working with combinations of different cultural expressions. So we got our financing, and we are grateful for that The whole project this far is supported by Kulturbryggan. Now we are out of money… So now we will publish the stuff we have. The Grand was financed by public taxes so this is what we give back to the public. Our hope is that people will download use and keep developing this format for exhibitions.

The first software published is Bodyghost VR. This is the software we have used to play point cloud video recorded with Intel RealSense D415. It is used for a Virtual Reality experience currently exhibited at Husqvarna museum. You find the file at:

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