Exhibition in Husqvarna museum

Tacit knowhow is now starting its launch. The first step is an exhibition at Husqvarna museum where the Bodyghost software developed within the project is exhibited in a HTC Vive headset. The museum is open weekdays between 10:00-15:00 and weekends 12:00-16:00. You will be invited to visit the old forge in Granshult where Gustav Thane is forging, the forge Bräcke smedja where Bertil Pärmsten is forging, the forge Therese smedja where Therese Engdahl is forging and a forge in Väring where Julius Pettersson is forging as a VR-experience. The volumetric video contain a full scale point cloud of the blacksmiths tapering a piece of heated metal on their anvils. The four clips are about 10 minutes in all. Go there and check it out if you have the chance. If not, you can set up a HTC-vive system wherever and wait for us to share the files recorded and the software to play from… in February  2020.

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