First tests with motion capture

Motion capture experiements with Gustav and Gunnar in the RISE Interactive studio

This can be seen in video (HD off course) on our brand new Youtube Channel “Tacit knowhow”.

Today the group consisting of Gustav, Gabriella, Gunnar, Mikael, Peter and Fredrik got together and performed a first test of a motion tracking technique using HTC Vive together with Vive Trackers (thank you Valve!) to try and track the hammer movements as performed by our master blacksmith Gustav. After a couple of days of hard work getting the hardware and software (we are using Unity) working together Gustav got to show his skills with the hammer.  Or at least wave his hammer around with the rest of us trying to track it.  The test, eventhough it was rather crude, was a success! We were able to add an animation showing the movement of the hammer as a highlighted track in a 3 dimensional space.

The purpose of todays testing was to see how we can use this technology to record the motion of tools in order to better record, display and teach tacit knowhow, somehow. It is just a first test, so we do not yet know if this particular technology will be used, but it sure looks promising!

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