What is tacit knowhow?

When the thing you know, or want to learn is not a fact but an experience, how to do it is more important that what to do. What to do is easy to learn, someone just tell you and then you know. How to do it is more complex. You have to practice to learn, it is not just in your mind but in your arms, eyes and fingertips. Tacit knowhow is the knowledge you have in your body or want to have to be able or skilled.

RISE Interactive and blacksmith master Gustav Thane are trying to find a way to track and present activity in a way accessible and clear enough for you to access and start your personal journey into new abilities. It´s about motor skill, to visualize the nuances of how things are being done. As a one and a half year project, financed by the Swedish Konstnärsnämnden via Kulturbryggan, the plan is to present something real before new year’s 2019. Our journey is presented here at tacitknowhow.se.