Who are we?

Gustav Thane is the artistic leader and founding father of the project. Once upon a time in a land of too much winter, he stood by his anvil saying “hey, is there anyone there?” no one answered, cause no one was there, ever. This is often the case for blacksmith masters, it´s an endangered species. That’s a pity since locking at the word from the perspective of a hammer is such a neat take on life. Master Thane figured: if only there was a way to introduce people into this realm of tacit knowhow…

He went out, into the world, asking around for someone with the keys to unlock tacit knowhow.

Peter Ljungstrand appeared as an unlocker of questions. Already he had gathered a team at RISE Interactive, able in the most peculiar sciences. For years, he had built stuff, and figured out how to use things, not yet invented. Ending up as a leader of others, Peter made things possible, allowed things to happened, and handled the politics behind the scenes.

Gunnar Oledal was one of the masterminds of RISE Interactive; musician, martial artist and researcher of informatics. Erasing the limits between body and technology, he built instruments of unsuspected qualities. In the project of tacit knowhow Gunnar found ways to capture human activity, making it possible to visualize the mysteries of motor skill and tacit knowhow.

Niels Swinkles, a genius maker at RISE held the key to put things into motion, making sure things happened for real. He made and remade things wrote the code, built the tool and made it work in a new way.

Mikael held the key to another reality. His work opened doors and windows to present the tacit knowhow essential to the project. In a virtual world he processed the data, made it real.

Fredrik Trella has the eye of plenty. In his toolbox lies a vastness of possibilities, from signals and sensors to imagery and hardware. In the project, he combine and bridge the gaps between trades and traditions.

Gabriella Di Feola has the heart of a herald. As she transform the phenomenons into fairy’s, they get wings to fly out, into the world, to enlighten our time. For a story is not a story til it’s told.

Supported by Kulturbryggan